Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Two Races - Two Results

Since the last post, I've done two tris and had two pretty good results. In Holliston, I was able to finish 5th overall and 1st in my age group, which netted me a free bike fitting at FastSplits (score). They do a really nice job there, and I highly recommend it.

Then this last weekend, I did Newburyport Sprint Tri. I was hoping for a good result, and was able to net a 6th overall (2:00 behind 5th). There were a lot of really fast people there. The swim was in the fog, in between boats, without being able to see the buoys. I was glad to get out of the water alive. Plus, with all the flooding into the Merrimack River, I was happy not to have broken out in a rash afterward (sewage issues). The bike was fun, despite the rain. I've actually become so accustomed to riding in the rain, I look forward to it now. Amazing what you can get used to. I averaged someone in the 23 mph range, which was good considering the conditions. I thinik I was in the top 10 bike splits. Then, on the run, I was able to power through the 3.3 miles (it was advertised as 3, but the GPS doesn't lie) doing 5:55/mile pace. The whole experience took 1:09:00. But, for 6th overall and 3rd in my age group, I left with nothing in terms of prizes. What a drag. At least it was good training.

Two more tris left for sure: Greenfield and Cranberry Country. Then hopefully Firman 1/2 Ironman for the last one. I can't believe there aren't that many tris left. I'm knackered from the training and racing. This weekend a 56 mile hilly bike race (CAT4/5). Probably followed by a 17 or 18 mile long run on Sunday. Ugh.

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