Wednesday, February 28, 2007

On the Shelf

After a good race and finally starting to feel strong, the inevitable happens: injury. While doing a speedwork sesson on the treadmill (2 x (4 x 800), I started to feel a burning sensation on my right Achilles. Having been there before, I backed it off and ended the workout early, hoping that it was just rubbing on my ankle from my shoes. No such luck at the next day it was pretty sore, and proceeded to remain sore. I took Wed - Fri off from running and hit the treadmill on Saturday to test it. I was able to do four miles, but it was still sore. Of course, I went to the long run on Sunday, which left from Hopkinton with the BAA. I was really solid for 9 miles, and then it started to bother me again, so I shut it down.

No more running for a few days. I'll hit the bike and the pool instead. One of the good things about doing triathlons is cross-training. If one this is hurt, then you have two more things you can be doing.
Achilles Tedonitis can be a real bear to get rid of it is progresses too far. Soft tissue injuries in general can be difficult to get rid of. So, it is better to address them early than delay them and be on the shelf for a longer period of time.

Some good websites for Achilles Tedonitis:

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trackrich said...

That really sucks man. Get it under control or it can hang around forever. I think it took me about a year to shake it a while back. Good luck.