Sunday, September 30, 2007

Say it Loud....

The new ride finally came in. Well, the new ride actually didn't come in. But, the good folks at Landry's let me go with the Felt since the arrival of the Cannondales was delayed. So, I no longer will be riding the beautiful "Nubian Queen" that was the Surly Cross Check. Now, I will be riding the Nubian Princess Felt F1X. Slightly better components than the Cannondale, and it was here and fit. Bonus!! Plus, I picked up a used pair of Ksyrium SL Tubulars on a long drive to Plymouth, NH (thank you Craigslist) and got the Challenge Grifos. Look out! Now I just have to put the damned things on. Hopefully by Gloucester I'll be locked and loaded.
No racing this weekend. I was on kid duty. Was able to ramble out of bed at 4:00am and get 10 miles of running in. Running in the dark and quiet is really lovely. No distractions, no cars, your own world. Getting out of bed is the hard part, but worth it if you can do it. Hard to do anything high intensity (for me at least), but it gets the job done on a tight schedule.

I heard interesting things about Amesbury. Lots of roots and such. Still wish I could have been there. I was able to spend four hours cleaning two bikes. The tri bike is now put away and sparkling clean. The Surly is returned in pristine condition. Special thanks to Diane T. who loaned me the bike I sold her. "How about you give me $500 and I continue to ride the bike?" What a great deal.

I did take the Felt out at Delaney Pond. Can't ride too fast, but it has some nice features to do a skills workout. The bike handled well, looking forward to next week in Casco Bay.

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