Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mansfield Race Review

Each category out of 5


Open-field grassy area after a day of hard rain has disaster written all over it. However, you park right next to the course. Was able to shuttle between car and warm-up very easily. Only major drawback as stepping in some kind of animal feces with my Crocs.

Being early, it was not yet opened, but was going after one warm-up lap.

Race numbers:
Basically thick paper on a damp day? C'mon guys.

Two port-o-johns, but plenty of woods! (Sorry ladies)

Ask me this last year, and you would have had a much different response. If a cross course is supposed to make you hurt, this one fits the definition. A little too much grinding perhaps and not enough flow given the up and down. Plus, a damp field sucked with long grass sucked the life out of you quick. While the run down to the beach is fun, it could be lost to maintain some speedy sections. Does a course need four run-ups?

A little tiny, but dual access. Not much room to stash bikes. Good thing I didn't need it.

Post-race Refreshments:
Stellar. Fresh-baked goodies galore. This race is a caloric break-even at best.

Seven deep in the Cat 4 race? Unheard of.

Great race and great vibe. Definitely worth making the trip to check out, especially if you want to test your technical skills. You'll be feeling it in the morning for sure.


Zoo said...
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Zoo said...

Mansfield is how all the cross courses used to be before the UCI stepped in and wussed out. Mansfield was one of the best courses I've ever ridden.

badbrad said...

Love the cowbell ratings!

GCDavid said...

Thank you. I was inspired.

Definitely a great course. I think it would be better without the beach run/ride down and run up. Plenty of pain already. More speed.